Signature Healthcare of Memphis completes Certification for Music and Memory

What is Music and Memory?

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Music and Memory is a program where our residents listen to personalized music playlists, created with input from residents themselves as well as family, friends and our staff. These playlists are loaded onto IPods so residents can connect with the music they love, with the goal of improving their overall health and well-being.

What are the anticipated benefits?

Reduction in the reliance of anti-psychotic and anti-anxiety medications, reduced agitation and sun downing, enhanced engagement and socialization with family, friends, staff and peers, increased cooperation and attention resulting in reduction of resistance to care, opportunity to offer an enjoyable, and fulfilling a need for a very personal activity.

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Discover the Healing Power of Personalized Music

Music is a very important part of life. It has been studied and found that those with Dementia related illnesses respond to music. Personal events that are associated with music can be triggers with feelings of loneliness, depression, and other related emotions. Music helps to remember precious memories, such as wedding, first dates, church etc.

The Chaplain along with Quality of Life Department plan activities with music, such as daily devotional, music out front, and exercises. We are very excited that Signature of Memphis is getting the opportunity to train for a program called Music and Memory.

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Blessing Of The Hands Celebrated at Signature HealthCARE of Memphis

The Blessing of the Hands program, anointing the hands of our many caregivers with blessed oil as the Spirit led us, was celebrated here this past week. National Nurses Week and National Nursing Home Week were remembered well by appreciating and caring for all of those who daily care for so many of our dear residents.

We held our service first in Nursing meeting where the Chaplain blessed the hands with anointing oil of the assmbled nurses along with other stakeholders as well.

Yohan Rathod, Director of Spirituality/Chaplain
Signature Heathcare of Memphis

National Day Of Prayer Celebrates At Signature HealthCARE of Memphis

The 2013 National Day of Prayer was celebrated recently at Signature HealthCARE of Memphis with great fanfare.

In the morning meeting the Chaplain gave introduction to National Day of Prayer and everybody joined together to read together a prepared prayer. A worship service was then performed, and an invited minister led the entire assembly in prayer. Residents made prayer beads and the chaplain blessed all prayer beads afterwards.

It was prayerful day.

Rev. Yohan Rathod
Director of Spirituality/Chaplain