Compassion All the Way

TO: Signature of Memphis, March 7, 2016

To whom it may concern,

Please forward to the highest level of management, recognition should definitely be advised for Janita Mann, LPN on the 300 hall. My dad is in SNF, which is a difficult time for himself and family members. I am his daughter and here many 24/7 shifts, as his caregiver. Times are sometimes difficult to be away from home. My dad has too many health issues going on, including amputation of right-leg, kidney failure, and the list goes on. Otherwise, he would be home with me.

Jay has made our stay here as easy as it can be. She works long shifts and always has a beautiful smile, as well as a sincere heart. There is not anything she will do for us at all times, day or night. She is always very quick to respond to all our needs. I cannot imagine how she is able to care for all her patients and still continues to be patient with that morning welcome! This makes our the beginning of our day so much better.

We bless her for all she does and strongly hope and ecourage that she recieves compensation for all she does. She always says this is what she is here for and treats all residents the best anyone could possibly treat them. When she is here, we know there are no concerns for us, and feel this will be a good day knowing Jay is with us with open arms, open heart, and smiles as long as she is here. There are not so many times you are blessed to have someone like Jay. She is truly an asset to your facility and hopefully, when she is evaluated, all these words will encourage you to commend her.

Thank You,